About Paradise Pictures, LLC

Paradise Pictures® introduced the first high fired color photo ceramic process to the memorial industry in 1991. Our process ensures the best reproduction of your client's photos through digital scanning, computer color adjustment, and proprietary high-resolution digital imaging. This unique process creates a ceramic memorial portrait that exceeds the requirements for durability in memorial applications. Ceramic colors fired at very high temperatures in our photo ceramic process endure the extremes of weather and environment. Colors will not fade and the medallion finish will not deteriorate, thus ensuring the permanence expected in the memorial industry.

Our process creates a finished product with an image as sharp as the original photograph with natural skin tones and detailed color quality. We begin with the family's photograph, scan it at a high resolution, digitally clean the photo as needed, and correct any color imbalances. Imaging is accomplished using our proprietary process and the medallion is fired at a temperature of up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the efficiencies of our unique equipment and digital technology, our process is typically completed in less than 15 working days. This union of time-honored ancient enameling and high-resolution digital photography brings the finest quality portraits to the memorialization industry.

The History of Paradise Pictures, LLC

Michael Sandquist, with the help of David Hopper, perfected the proprietary imaging process used in the preparation of the Paradise Pictures® Memorial Portrait between 1989 and 1991. The initial work was done to support David's goal of incorporating photographic images into molten glass for large glass sculptures. David had been searching many years for a suitable method to achieve this goal when he met Michael. Coincidentally, at the time Michael was teaching the history and practice of 19th century photographic processes at a college in Northern California.

As this relationship grew, Michael's knowledge of photographic arts, together with David's knowledge of glass blowing and kiln building, provided the synergistic force to bring photo ceramic imaging to its finest level in the "Paradise Picture." Michael began producing the portraits for the memorialization industry in 1991. As the first to develop a high-fired digital color photo ceramic process, Paradise Pictures preceded their competitors by more than five years. This has given the company a sustainable lead in technology and quality of color reproduction. Paradise Pictures memorial portraits are offered in a variety of sizes, including ovals, domed ovals, rounds and rectangles.

When quality and permanence are important, Paradise Pictures offers the best memorial image available today.

A Time Honored Tradition - The History of Memorial Portraits

The desire to remember and memorialize loved ones is a tradition that has lasted through time. For thousands of years mankind has placed a likeness of a loved one at the grave in the form of statues, mosaics, and paintings. Our earliest Egyptian, Greek and Roman ancestors actually used a process we now call fine porcelain enameling. The process was so successful that it continued throughout the ages and examples of these early likenesses can be found in museums worldwide. With the advent of black and white photographic processing in 1855, Europeans applied their own knowledge of the enameling process, and produced black and white images to enhance family memorials. America was the fortunate beneficiary of the same process and tradition. It is not uncommon to find startlingly well-preserved photographs of our earliest pioneers in local cemeteries.

In our fast paced world, our memories are more important today than perhaps at any other time in history. Paradise Pictures® has improved this historical process and offers the highest quality photo ceramic in the industry. We combine the latest technology used in photo processing, with ancient glazing techniques, to produce a beautiful, time-tested product. The result is a permanent memorial portrait that brings a lifetime of memories to mind for every family member.