Not very often does something so unique come along that it is destined to create a new product category in Memorialization, however; this is one of those times. Online Memorialization has existed on the "web" for more than 15 years. Now with the introduction of AdmiredLife, it has evolved into a true product that supplements Physical Memorialization.

In 2012 we embarked on what we believe may be the second most important project Paradise Pictures has ever done – only second to introducing the Full Color Digital Memorial Portrait in 1991. With the introduction of AdmiredLife, we bring true value to the Memorialist by supplementing their ability to help families tell "More" of their loved one's life story.

AdmiredLife is first focused on the family, then on the Memorialist. By providing the family a place to share their memories of how they were touched, what their story was and their gifts in life, we focus on the family and their memories for posterity. Then, by including your company name and information in a tasteful manner on the AdmiredLife Memorial, you receive the credit you richly deserve.

Top 5 Reasons to Include AdmiredLife in your Product Mix

  1. Includes Life Story, Obituary, Photos, Links and Burial Location
  2. Access Memorial information by GPS Location – No QR Code needed
  3. Your customer completes the Online Memorial
  4. Your Company info shows on each Online Memorial
  5. Easily Included with a Paradise Portrait – Ask us how!

How AdmiredLife is different

  • Connected to Physical Memorials by GPS location
  • GPS Location easy to set - No QR Code needed
  • Clean State of the Art Design and User Interface
  • Include recent and featured memorials on your site
  • Displays properly on all screen types
  • Full featured Online Memorial
  • Not sold to the public - only sold by you
  • Web browser based - No App needed!
  • Focused on your families first, then on your business
  • Administrative access for the Memorialist
  • Developed and backed by Paradise Pictures, LLC