Update: 3/26/20: As of Thursday night March 19, the California Governor issued an executive order instructing all residents of the state to stay home and shelter in place to help slow the spread of COVID-19 unless they are essential to the infrastructure of California, healthcare or food workers. We will continue to have minimum essential staff permitted by the order working to serve you and answer your questions during the duration of this order which has no end date at this time. This order will slow production, but memorial portraits will continue shipping. We would love to hear from our customers that have jobs in with us right now if we may keep them and complete them as soon as that is possible of if you would like any order canceled and returned. Please call or email and identify your company ID for us and we will record your wishes.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in a time where we must ensure the safety and well-being of our employees. At the same time, we understand your need to deliver completed memorialization products and we will continue our work to help you achieve that goal. Be safe and be well.

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We are a wholesale-only supplier to the memorial industry. To purchase our products you must be a qualified dealer of memorialization products*. Please call us to get started.

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Our products may only be purchased through qualified dealers. If you would like us to send you a referral for a dealer near you, please email us your name and address.


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*To protect our dealers, we verify through independent sources that brochures and free samples are only sent to existing companies in the business of memorialization.