Porcelain Memorial Portraits

Brilliant Color & Clarity

Unmatched portait quality in the industry. View background options

Porcelain & Steel Base

Strongest & thinnest base available on the market.

Metric & U.S. Sizes

We accommodate both and offer custom sizes.

U.S. Oval

Available in Flat or Domed except for Size #00. Ovals are True Ellipses

Part #Size
#00 8" x 10"
#0 5" x 7"
#1 4.25" x 6"
#2 3.75" x 5"
#3 3.25" x 4.25"
#4 2.625" x 3.375"
#5 2.25" x 2.75"
#6 1.75" x 2.25"
U.S. Rectangle
Part #Size
10x22 10" x 22"  Example
8x10 8" x 10"
6x6 6" x 6"
5x7 5" x 7"
4x6 4" x 6"
4x5 4" x 5"
4x4 4" x 4"
U.S. Heart

DXF Cut Files

Part #Size
8x8HRT 8" x 8"
6x6HRT 6" x 6"
4x4HRT 4" x 4"
U.S. Round
Part #Size
80R 8" Round
60R 6" Round
50R 5" Round
35R 3.5" Round
Metric Oval

Ovals are True Ellipses

Part #Size
18x24OM 18cm x 24cm
15x20OM 15cm x 20cm
13x18OM 13cm x 18cm
11x15OM 11cm x 15cm
10x13OM 10cm x 13cm
9x12OM 9cm x 12cm
8x10OM 8cm x 10cm
7x9OM 7cm x 9cm
6x8OM 6cm x 8cm
Metric Rectangle
Part #Size
18x24RM 18cm x 24cm
13x18RM 13cm x 18cm
11x15RM 11cm x 15cm
9x12RM 9cm x 12cm
8x10RM 8cm x 10cm
7x9RM 7cm x 9cm
6x8RM 6cm x 8cm
M Series Ovals

Designed to fit Bronze Memorials out of Pittsburgh, PA

Part #Size
M6 5.125" x 7.125"
M1 4.313" x 5.875"
M2 3.563" x 4.750"
M3 3.250" x 4.000"
M4 2.813" x 3.563"
M5 2.375" x 3.125"
Custom Portrait Shapes & Sizes

We can make just the size you need for that special memorial.

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Part #Size

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Portrait Backgrounds

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Partner Testimonials

We are extremely pleased with Paradise Pictures. Their customer service, quality, speed of production and timely shipping are all exceptional.

Jennie Nicholson

White's Marble Works, Inc.
Madisonville, TN

The staff at Paradise Pictures is exceptional to work with. They go above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy!

Julie Sandvig

Southside Monuments, LLC
Spencer, IA

The peace of mind knowing that the family is going to be satisfied with the product and if there is any issue Paradise will work with us to solve it.

Christine Clementz-Elrod

Quality Vaults, Inc.
Ocoee, FL