What are your portraits made of?

Our portraits are approximately 3/32” thick and made from a special grade of enameling steel. We then coat them twice with porcelain before we start our printing process. We are the only company that makes its specialty steel core bases in the United States. Our portraits are very strong and never fade.

Do you use a Copy Machine to make the image?

Absolutely not! That is the trend though. It's our opinion that you lose control of the color system and based on everything we've seen, they can't get the rich, vibrant colors out of a copy machine that we can with our system. It's cheaper but definitely not better. Your family's memories will live on – why not put the best color and clarity in the cemetery by using the Paradise Pictures Memorial Portrait?

How do I clean hard water haze off of your portraits?

The hard water spots are Calcium from the irrigation system. We recommend using a product called CLR. It’s made by Jelmar and can be found in most hardware stores. A few notes of caution: 1) please wear protective gear including eye protection and gloves, 2) use very little on a rag or sponge and keep it away from the sealant and the granite. We’ve even heard that after cleaning a portrait, some customers wax the portrait with car wax to slow the progression of hard water spots returning.

How do I install your Memorial Portraits?

Most of our customers mount our portraits in a shallow relief with pure silicone, epoxy or mortar mix. Stainless steel pins are available for surface mounting as well as high quality open and covered frames. Additionally, 3M™ VHB™ tape can be supplied upon request at no charge.


May I order from you online?

Yes. We created a great system that’s easy to use but very powerful when needed. You can log in anytime and check the status of your orders, reprint order forms and perform many other tasks.

What is my login to your ParadiseOrders.com site?

Your login will always be your Customer ID and remember your password is case sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, follow the Password Help link on the login page and input your Customer ID and click "Reset "Password." The primary user in our system will receive an e-mail to reset the password. We can also help you on the phone. Please call us if you need us.

What is the best way to communicate the crop I want to you?

Our order forms have the options of: Bust, Half Subject, Full Subject and Full Photo for selection. If you would like a more specific crop, we suggest that you photocopy the photograph and hand draw your desired crop on the photocopy. Include this drawing with your order as a hard copy or a digital scan.

Are Proofs automatic?

No. If you need a proof for a particular order, please check the “Please Proof My Order” within our online order system or write the word proof in the “Special Instructions” box on our order form.

How do I get the Proof to my customer?

Please log into ParadiseOrders.com and locate the proof, then click the download link at the bottom of the image. You can save the image and send it to your customer. There’s no need to approve or reject the proof at the time. Please do not give your Paradise Orders credentials to your customer.

What are my Background options?

See our backgrounds on our Backgrounds Page and if you ‘d like something custom, send or upload to us a color example and mention if you’d like a gradient or a mottled version of that color as your background.

General & Administrative

What is your Guarantee?

We actually have two. It’s full and comprehensive including vandalism on our products and we help you replace our competitor’s products also. Please have a look at our Guarantee page.

Do you archive my images?

Yes. We electronically archive all images so that if a replacement is necessary, we can re-make it quickly.

What is my Customer ID?

It is the same as your Customer Number. The best place to find it is in the upper right-hand corner of our invoice. But, you could always call us and we will be happy to provide it to you.